Why Zhineng Qigong?

In 2013 Three Monkeys Qigong we were hosting two amazing Chinese teachers in London and one of them was asked the following question:

What do you think of someone saying they have developed a system of Qigong that is better than Zhineng Qigong?

After a brief pause, the teacher responded:

How can any system of Qigong be better than another? All Qigong leads to the same place.

Up until this point I was still practicing and teaching multiple forms of Qigong, but this moment simultaneously helped me appreciate the benefits of all my studies and why devoting my time and energy to a single approach would be more productive.

Recently I found myself describing this realisation as being like the moment when you realise it’s not how many bicycles you can collect, if you want to move forward with many bicycles it will take you a lot longer than travelling with a single bicycle.


So what is it that draws me to Zhineng Qigong?

Caroline Whyman, who I met at the College of Chi Kung in London introduced me to Jianshe Liu on his first visit to the UK. Jianshe was my first Zhineng Qigong teacher and what he shared with me was simultaneously enjoyable, difficult and incredibly freeing.

By 2010 I found myself at Jianshe’s centre in China and it was here that I started to realise that the teachers I was meeting were both incredibly humble and able to demonstrate extraordinary abilities.

Not for the first time I realised that if what was possible with Qigong was measured on a scale of 1 to 10 I was significantly lower on the scale than I had thought.

The more teachers I met, the more perspectives I experienced, the more I learned and absorbed, but unlike my experience up until this point I found that the system and ideas became both more profound and simpler the more time I spent with them.

In Zhineng Qigong I had found a system that was capable of being highly complex but ultimately led to something very simple and effective.