Advancing Practitioner Training

Advancing Practitioner Training Does your current practice simply maintain a level of physical and emotional wellbeing within your life of does it really allow you to continue on a journey of self-development? Energy Play’s advancing practitioner training takes you beyond the surface level of Qigong. We’ll explore the deeper aspects of practice across 3 workshops […]

The Three Components of Zhineng Qigong

It might be human nature, it might be a cultural thing, be we seem to have a need to subdivide and categorise things in order to understand them. Within the realms of Qigong there are many ways to subdivide and categorise to help us to explore the concepts that reside within the practice, but unlike […]

Why Zhineng Qigong?

In 2013 Three Monkeys Qigong we were hosting two amazing Chinese teachers in London and one of them was asked the following question: What do you think of someone saying they have developed a system of Qigong that is better than Zhineng Qigong? After a brief pause, the teacher responded: How can any system of Qigong be […]

How can Qigong be used to improve wellbeing and performance in the workplace?

Qigong combines natural movement with the breath in order to strengthen and balance our emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Its effectiveness in corporate environments is well known in Asia but the benefits are only just now being explored in the west.   Taking time to breathe, calm the mind and improve clarity The world in […]